About Harmonia

Harmonia provides affordably priced planning for life’s final passage, offering services for all individuals regardless of their beliefs, religious denominations, or socioeconomic status.

Harmonia advocates a different approach to funeral planning, with the focus on cremation, the paying of last respects to the deceased, and the perpetuation of their memories, rather than embalming, visitations, purchasing of caskets, or reliance on funeral homes.

Harmonia offers cremation, an optional final viewing prior to cremation, a comforting gathering to give closure to the bereaved, the freedom to decide where cremated remains will be placed, and perpetual remembrance of the deceased.

The Symbolism Of The Butterfly

Harmonia’s visual symbol is the butterfly, an enduring, universal icon. In Christian mythology, the butterfly depicts the soul, free of its earthly bonds, while ancient Greeks and Romans viewed it as the soul departing the body. Others have likened it to the last breath of the dying.

Harmonia took inspiration from this creature when developing its approach to planning for the final phase of life. Just as the butterfly cannot tarry in its cocoon, we must also take flight, soaring gracefully toward the light. Since time immemorial, butterflies have been born, lived, and died without ever truly disappearing.